1915 Lester Piano Photographs

This piano was made by the Lester Piano company back in 1915.  I matched the serial number to the 1915 date provided by the Pierce Piano Atlas, 10th Edition.  Overall, it is in very good shape.  There are some pieces of the finish that have flaked off and I was planning on redoing that sometime down the road.  It plays well.  We bought a new house this past year and it has not been tuned since the move, but the move did not do much to place it out of tune in the first place.  My wife bought this piano a number of years ago and we do not have a lot of information on it's specific history.  For a general overview of a recent restoration by a piano shop, check out this link.  The piano on this site was built in 1922 and I believe it is the same design as this one built in 1915.  Both are made of Mahogany.  You will see a bench in the photos below and my wife believes that to be the original piano bench.  The internal workings are all in fine shape.  Some of the keys have some small chips on the ends.  I think the keys were redone at some point in the piano's history and I am guessing the finish was probably redone once also.  The last few pictures below show the piano at our previous residence of a year ago...we had a more accommodating house at that time. 

I tried to get pictures of everything below.  The finish parts that had flaked off, the small chips on some of the keys, etc.  There are some scratches to the wood on the underside where the key pedestal attaches to the underside.  I was going to get to that during a refinish, but it is not visible unless you get underneath.  Please call (719-302-5293) or email me with additional questions.  We are asking $5500, my wife would probably negotiate a bit.